Welcome Traveller. Mineheern's Lair is dungeon-exploration game in the spirit of NetHack and Diablo, with some own elements. Go learn some spells, find some treasure and beat some monsters - oh yes, and survive. The game is based on the Cube-Engine by Wouter van Oortmerssen, which has been transformed from an ego-shooter to a Diablo-like interface (but a little more powerful). The game is free software, and only free software has been used in the course of its creation, like Gimp, Inkscape, Wings 3D, Misfit Modeller, Schism Tracker and of course Vim. The game is being developed by Andreas Textor (code) and Martin Textor (models, artwork and music).


Last update: March 6th 2007

A lot of work has already been done, yet the game is not fully playable.

We already have working:
  • A 3D-engine
  • Point-and-Click interface, including context menus on map entities
  • HUD with quick-launch-bar (resembling Neverwinter Nights)
  • Item system - pick up, drop, equip, examine and use items
  • Screens for inventory, character sheet, quests, spell book
  • Random Dungeon Generator for endless hours of carnagefun, including chests, doors, lighters etc.
  • Automap
  • Several working items - some scrolls, potions, rings, amulets and armor
  • Monster system - that means placement, animation, fighting and killing monsters (including armor, resistances etc. of monsters, and monsters dropping items)
  • Several spells and magic effects on items
We need urgently:
  • Ability to close doors w/o being stuck
  • Loading and saving the game
  • Ascending and descending to other levels
  • More items, and all items functional
  • More enemies, some bosses
  • Less bare levels, that means more decoration
We would like to have:
  • Some kind of introduction (level, NPC or something)
  • Shops, so you can spend your gold on something
  • Some interesting quests
  • Some interesting special levels
  • A lot of the mean things NetHack can do to you
Will likely never happen:
  • Multiplayer
  • A large number of NPCs and hours of dialogues



The first download will be available, when all entries of the "We need urgently"-list have moved into the "We already have"-list. Unfortunately, due to our full schedule, this could be a long haul.